ZotloDocs V1.0.1

Quick Start

It's very easy to manage your subscriptions with Zotlo! Create your account now on zotlo.com, add your subscription packages and enable users to subscribe to your apps using a credit card.

How does Zotlo work?

When you sign up for Zotlo, a team is created for your brand. Then, your apps are listed under the roof of this team.
It is possible to add multiple users to this team. Apps or modules managed by users may be restricted by giving different authorizations to users.
Payment service providers can also be added to this team so that these providers could provide service for all the apps of that team.
In order for users to start a subscription, merchant must first add subscription packages, then add package prices for these packages on a country basis and assign a provider.
Zotlo's architecture can be briefly described as.


With Zotlo, you can enable your users to start a subscription with a credit card through multiple payment service providers. In order to benefit from Zotlo's services, you need to register and add apps to be subscribed to and subscriptions packages for them.
After you add necessary information, you can start subscriptions for users with Zotlo. Zotlo manages subscription auto-renewals and sends you instant notifications via the callback URL address you specified.


23 September 2021
- Release v1.0.1
  • Project beta published to live environment

General Features

  • Subscription using virtual POS
  • Subscription using 3D Secure
  • Choosing countries where subscription will be available
  • Adjustment of prices and exchange rates to countries
  • Instantly viewing subscription status using REST API
  • Ability to work with different payment service providers in a country of your choice
  • Storing credit card information in payment service provider's database
  • Management of an unlimited number of apps on a single system
  • Ability to use the same payment service provider for different apps
  • Detailed reporting and analysis

API Requirements

First of all, you must create an app to use Zotlo API. After you create your app, you will have access to the service by using AccessKey, AccessSecret and ApplicationId. In case any of this information sent is incorrect or missing, you will have the following response from the service.

Header Parameters

AccessKey value generated by the system for the app
AccessSecret value generated by the system for the app
ID value of the app you created
Parameter to be sent for the language of the service messages. 'En' will be used as default if sent empty.
NOTE : All dates in the project are returned in UTC time zone.

Sample Request

curl --location --request POST 'https://api.zotlo.com/v1.0/payment/credit-card' \
--header 'AccessKey: **ACCESS_KEY**' \
--header 'AccessSecret: **ACCESS_SECURITY**' \
--header 'Content-Type: application/json' \
--header 'ApplicationId: **APPLICATION_ID**' \
--header 'Language: tr' \
--data-raw '{
"cardOwner":"Test Test",

Failed Request Response

"meta": {
"requestId": "app2.localdomain-REQ-5e7b60c46f12c",
"httpStatus": 401,
"errorMessage": "Servis güvenlik anahtarları hatalıdır. Lütfen kontrol ediniz.",
"errorCode": "401002"
"result": []