Create A Sales Package

Learn about sales packages

In order to create sales packages, enter the "Sales Packages" page from the side menu in the project and click on the "Create Package" button.

When creating a new package, you need to fill in the following information:

  • Package Name: The name of the package to be created. Users can see this information on the subscription management page or in the payment history.

  • Package Type: The type of the package. It can be a subscription or a one-time sale.

  • Package Price: The price of the created package.You can review the details about price settings in the guide below.

Price Settings
  • Period: If the package is of subscription type, the subscription period is determined.

  • Trial Period: Specifies whether the package will have a trial period. It is only valid for the subscription type package.

  • Trial Duration: Specifies the duration of the trial period. After this period expires, the actual price and period of the package will be applied. This field is only visible if a trial period is selected.

  • Trial Price (If there is a Trial Period): The price of the package during the trial period. This field is only visible if a trial period is selected.

After filling in the required fields related to the package, click on the "Create" button. Thus, your package will be created successfully.

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