Price Settings

Learn about price settings

When setting the price of a created package, after selecting the country, you select from the Tier list specified by Zotlo for a suitable pricing option. The country selection is for determining the currency to be listed in the tier list. The tier list is updated regularly and adjusted according to the current exchange rates.

After the country and price selection is completed, the currency and tier structure valid for all countries are automatically listed. However, different exchange rates and pricing can be selected for the desired country. This flexibility allows users to access packages at different prices in various geographical regions.

If the paid trial period option is enabled in the created package, the country and price should be selected for the trial period in the same way.

If you plan to offer the created package for sale via Stripe payment method, the package price must be at least 0.50 USD. For different currencies, this amount is the equivalent of 0.50 USD in the relevant currency.

The actual price of the created package cannot be changed again. Only the price set for the trial period can be updated.

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