Quickstart Guide

A brief guide on getting started with Zotlo

This guide will walk you through how to start using Zotlo and get the best results.

Create your Zotlo account

If you don't have an account yet, create an account here.

Once logged in, you can manage your account and access the merchant agreement through the Account Settings menu.

Add your project

The initial step to begin is creating a project through the Projects menu. Add a new project by providing a name and assigning a main domain for your sales sites. The provided domain name is not restrictive, you can operate sales sites with various domain names within a single project.

See the following guide for more information :

Adding A Project

Create sales plans

Next step is to create sales packages to sell online. Create your one-time or subscription type sales package through the Sales Packages menu.

See the following guide for more information:

Adding Sales Packages

Design a sales flow

The next step is to create a customized sales flow. Use the Flows menu to design your flow according to your vision.

  • Decide on the pages you want to include.

  • Design a welcoming page if desired.

  • Create an onboarding quiz if desired.

  • Design the user registration page.

  • Create a paywall if desired.

  • Design the payment page.

  • Select the sales package(s) to sell.

  • Choose the payment options.

  • Design the successful payments page.

  • Select the supported languages.

  • Enter text and images on all pages for the supported languages.

Once you complete your flow design, submit it for review. Your flow will be promptly reviewed, and upon approval, you are ready to publish your site!

See the following guide for more information:

Designing Flows

Activate your site

The final step is to activate your sales site. Create a site through the Sales Sites menu and configure the following settings:

  • Connect the flow your visitors will see through the Site Content tab.

  • Determine restricted countries and upload a favicon through the General tab.

  • Decide on the site domain and slug through the Domain tab.

  • Add a CNAME record to redirect your site URL to your Zotlo sales site.

Once you've finished these settings, publish your sales site.

That's all! Now you are live on the web!

See the following guide for more information:

Managing Sales Sites

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