Simply convert your mobile web visitors to app users

Web-to-app campaigns

You can leverage Zotlo sales sites in mobile campaigns to transform mobile web visitors into new mobile app users. Utilizing web-to-app campaigns helps enhance users' comprehension of your product/service before they download the app and build more specific offerings to your mobile web users.

Synch web purchases

You can easily synchronize web payments and web based subscriptions with your mobile apps.

Zotlo provides webhooks for efficient management of customer accounts and real-time tracking of subscription statuses. Your application can seamlessly receive and process events throughout the user's lifecycle, offering notifications for key actions such as user subscription or deactivation, payment failures, and other relevant events.

You have the option to integrate Zotlo Login SDK into your app, enabling users to log in via Zotlo.

See following guides to learn more about Zotlo webhooks and Login SDK :

WebhooksLogin SDK

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