Account Settings

Learn about account settings

This page allows you to view and manage information about your Zotlo account. The sections on the page are detailed below.

Profile Settings

This page contains the name and email information of your account. Only the name can be changed.

Security Settings

On this page, you can change your password and carry out security actions.

Organization Settings

This page contains information about your organization. Only the name can be changed.

Merchant Agreement

Contains the agreement and details that must be approved in order to use Zotlo.Before publishing a site on Zotlo, the agreement here must be approved. Approval process is done by the Zotlo onboarding team.

Payment Settings

This is the page where you can set up payment settings depending on how you work with Zotlo. If you are using Zotlo's payment methods, you need to add a bank account information. If you use alternative payment methods, you will need to enter your credit card details. This way, you can manage your payment transactions and receive payments with ease.

This tab will only be visible after the contract has been approved.

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