Configure Pages In Flows

Learn about pages in flows

Below are six different page types that you can use and design to your liking when creating a flow in Zotlo:

Welcome Page Registration Page Survey Page Paywall Page Checkout Page Successful Checkout Page

  1. Welcome Page

  2. Registration Page

  3. Quiz Page

  4. Paywall Page

  5. Payment Page

  6. Payment Success Page

When creating a flow, the registration page and the checkout page are always mandatory to be used.

In Zotlo, pages are created and organized using "elements" and "sections". Elements are used to customize the content displayed on pages and represent structures such as buttons, images, text or question types. Sections are used to group multiple elements or content.

For more detailed information about the design changes of sections and elements, please see the guide below.

Designing Pages

Welcome Page

The welcome page can be used to provide users with initial information, welcome messages, or instructions on how to follow certain steps in the created flows. It is not a mandatory page. It usually consists of text, image and button elements. Optionally, themes with no images or different image layouts can be used.

Quiz page

The quiz page plays an important role in gaining a deeper understanding of customer needs, making a positive first impression, and clarifying customer expectations. It ultimately contributes to more customer acquisition.

While the use of this page is not mandatory, you can create flexible quizs by combining various question types such as multiple choice or open-ended, and asking questions related to date, time or location.

You can make your flow more special by adding logic rules to the survey questions you create.

Registration Page

The registration page is a page where the information required for a user to register is collected. On this page, the registration process is carried out by requesting phone number or email information from the user.

If registration is done by email, the registration process can be enriched by adding social login options (such as Apple, Google and Facebook) from the settings menu of the relevant element.

If the option to register by phone number is selected, this setting is automatically enabled for all countries. However, if you wish to make a country-based configuration, you can manage this setting from the countries field in the side menu.

Paywall Page

The Paywall is an important page that acts as a digital gate where the user is shown different types of subscription or one-time purchase options before proceeding to the purchase process. On this page, users can review subscription options with different periods or content and choose the one that best suits their needs. Use of the Paywall page is not mandatory.

Payment Page

The checkout page is the page where payment options are listed, or payment information is received to complete the purchase of the product or service. Use of this page is mandatory.

Payment Success Page

The successful checkout page is the last page displayed after users have completed their purchases. On this page, users can be directed to the mobile app by providing access links to the mobile app.

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