Review Process

Learn about flow review process

Flows created in Zotlo must be reviewed and approved by the Zotlo team to ensure that they are suitable for use. The review, approval and rejection processes of flows are explained in detail below.

Sending a Flow for Review

In order for a flow designed in Zotlo to be used, it must be submitted for review and then approved. To send a flow for review, you need to click on the "Submit for review" button in the flow.

The following rules must be met in order for the flow to be submitted for review:

  • If there is a survey page, there should be at least one question in it,

  • There should be no faulty logic rule added to the survey,

  • At least one package must be selected at the checkout page,

  • At least one link must be defined to the application redirect buttons on the successful checkout page,

  • Download links in the project settings (Generic link and an app store link are mandatory), customer support center, legal document links must not be empty.

If these rules aren't met, the flow will not be submitted for review and a corresponding status error will appear on the screen.

Tracking Flows Submitted for Review

From the "Flows" page in the Zotlo dashboard, the status of the flows sent for review can be tracked. The status of these flows usually takes 4 different values:

  • Waiting for Review: The flow has not yet been reviewed and is pending the review process.

  • In Review: Flow is currently under review and evaluation.

  • Rejected: The flow was rejected upon review and the points to be corrected were identified.

  • Ready for Sale: Flow has successfully completed the review process and is now ready for sale.

These different statuses are used to understand what stage the flows are in and to make necessary revisions.

Flows in Waiting for Review Status

Flows in this state can be edited again by canceling the review request. In addition, the flow sent for review can be previewed or a copy of it can be created.

Flows in In Review Status

The review request cannot be canceled for such flows. However, the flow sent for review can be previewed and a copy of it can be created.

Flows in Rejected Status

For such flows, the reasons for rejection can be examined by clicking on the "Rejection details" button. It can then be edited and sent for review again. If desired, a preview can be made, a copy of the flow can be created or the flow can be archived.

Flows in Ready for Sale Status

Flows in this state are ready to be linked to the sales site. If desired, they can be previewed, a copy of the flow can be created or the flow can be archived.

Approval of Flows

Submitted flows are reviewed by the Zotlo team. The following points are taken into consideration during the review process:

  • Compliance of content and visuals added to the feed,

  • Compliance of content added for different languages,

  • Whether the legal documents are uploaded and accurate,

  • Review of existing survey questions and the accuracy of logic,

  • Validity of application download links,

  • Compliance of mobile, tablet and desktop layouts.

If all items are compliant, the flow is approved. However, if any item is found to be non-compliant, the flow is rejected with an explanation.

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