Configure Languages

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Configuring Language Settings

On Zotlo, every flow is automatically created in English. However, the language preference can be optionally changed during or after flow creation and the number of supported languages can be increased or decreased.

In total, 30 languages are supported in Zotlo. These languages are as follows:

  1. Arabic

  2. Azerbaijani

  3. Chinese

  4. Chinese(Traditional)

  5. Czech

  6. Danish

  7. Dutch

  8. English

  9. French

  10. German

  11. Hebrew

  12. Hindi

  13. Indonesian

  14. Italian

  15. Japanese

  16. Kazakh

  17. Korean

  18. Malay

  19. Norwegian

  20. Portuguese

  21. Portuguese(Brazilian)

  22. Romanian

  23. Russian

  24. Spanish

  25. Swedish

  26. Tagalog

  27. Thai

  28. Turkish

  29. Ukrainian

  30. Vietnamese

You can adjust the language settings in a flow by clicking on the language options in the header field.

If a flow is created with multi-language support, the content for each language must be entered separately. While creating the content, different images and links can also be added for each language.

Multi-Language Flow Display

When displaying flows created with multi-language support, the user's browser language is initially considered. If the user's browser language is not among the languages supported in the flow, the flow is displayed according to the default language preference set in the website settings.

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