Payment Methods Configuration

Learn about payment methods

You can configure your payment settings in the "Payment Methods" tab under the "Projects" section.

In Zotlo, there are two different options for configuring payment methods:

Zotlo Payment Options

Zotlo payment options include credit card and PayPal. Transactions with these payment options are processed through Zotlo. Zotlo payment options eliminate the hassle of creating an external payment provider or merchant account. The sales made are transferred to you within the specified periods and methods.

The credit card option in this method is selected as default. To use the PayPal option, an activation request must be created. After the activation request, Zotlo team will activate PayPal for your project. Until the activation is completed, the Paypal Status will be displayed as "Waiting for Activation."

Alternative Payment Options

Alternative payment options include Stripe and Braintree. With this option, you can link your supported third-party payment provider accounts to your Zotlo website and start selling.

To link your accounts on third-party payment providers to your Zotlo sales site, you need to complete the integration steps. The integration steps are detailed below.

Stripe Payment Method Activation

To activate the Stripe payment method, you need to complete the integration by entering the secret key and publishable key information found in your Stripe account into the Zotlo interface. You can obtain the relevant Stripe information under the API Keys section on

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