User Registration Options

Learn about user registration options

User registration in flows created in Zotlo can be done in two different ways. User registration options can be configured on the Registration page in the flow.

Registration by Email

With this option, the registration process is completed by receiving email information from the user. If social login methods integrations are completed in the project, social login methods can be offered along with the email option.

For more information about social login methods, see the following guide:

Registration by Phone Number

In this option, phone number information is requested to complete the registration process for users. Phone registration is supported for all countries. However, if you want to restrict a country, you can configure the relevant settings from the country list in the side menu. When a country is restricted, the name of the country may not appear in the list at all, or the country name may appear but cannot be selected.

User Registration on Payment Page

If this option is active, user registration is performed on the payment page. To activate this feature, you can either click on the "Register Users During Payment" option in the menu listed on the registration page in the editor, or enable the "Register Users During Payment" option in the side menu on the payment page. When this feature is active, there won't be another registration page in the prepared flow.

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