Onboarding Quizzes

Design an onboarding journey for your customers

Marketers can use quizzes as part of a social media marketing strategy to generate brand awareness or to drive engagement.

You can integrate an onboarding questionnaire into your sales site to gather essential information about your new clients. These questionnaires play a crucial role in gaining a deeper understanding of the client's needs, creating a positive first impression, setting clear client expectations, and ultimately contributing to higher client acquisition.

You have the flexibility to craft surveys according to your preferences, incorporating various question types such as multiple choice, input questions, date, time and location selection. Additionally, you can enhance the survey experience by adding information steps that offer details about your product and services.

Customized Design

For delivering a better experience you can customize the design of your questions and break question boredom with images and icons.

Conditional Logic

You can use a conditional logic to support your customers in unique ways based on the answer they give.

Track Quiz Performance

You can effortlessly monitor the quiz funnel and conversion statistics through the Zotlo dashboard. For business purposes, you may also want to track visitor behavior and demographics to see how well your quiz is performing with different groups. Zotlo seamlessly integrates with Google Analytics to provide assistance in this regard.

Quiz Responses

You can receive quiz responses instantly by integrating Zotlo webhooks. You can also access the quiz responses through the Zotlo dashboard.

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