Tracking Subscribers

Learn about subscriptions

On the Zotlo panel, you can see the list of your subscribers, track their current status, easily perform cancellation and refund actions and review transaction details.

Track Subscripitons of All Your Projects

By clicking on the "Subscribers" tab in the Zotlo dashboard, you can see the subscriptions of all your projects in a single list.

If you want, you can sort the subscription list in a more customized way with filtering options such as country, package, UTM parameters.

You can visit the subscription detail page to review more detailed information about the subscriptions, manage subscriptions and review the transaction history.

The "Summary" section on the subscriber detail page contains general information about the subscriber, while the "Transaction" section details the subscriber's transactions such as purchase, renewal, and trial expiration. "Payments Logs" contains all successful and unsuccessful transactions related to these transactions.

You can review the following guide on canceling a subscription or refunding a transaction related to a subscription.

Subscription Statuses

On the Zotlo platform, there are three different statuses for subscribers: active, grace, and passive.

  • Active: Represents users whose subscription is currently active.

  • Passive: Indicates users whose subscription has ended.

  • Grace: Refers to users who have not renewed their subscription due to a specific reason. The grace period is set to 30 days. During this period, renewal attempts will be made automatically on the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 5th, 8th, 13th, 20th, and 30th days. If the renewal is not successful by the end of this period, the subscriber's status will be updated to passive.

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