Google Analytics

Analyze your sales site's activity with Google Analytics.

After creating your sales site on Zotlo, you can integrate Google Analytics to monitor your site's performance and visitor behavior.

When Google Analytics integration is activated, the following events are automatically transmitted to Google Analytics:

  • Clicks of buttons (index, etc.) on the page,

  • Clicks of the toggle buttons in the quiz flow and their footers,

  • Submitted answers to questions in the quiz flow,

  • Cases of successful completion or incorrect entry on the page where email is requested,

  • Clicks and input errors on the payment page,

  • API errors,

  • Successful payment events and button clicks used in this case,

  • Link clicks on the home page or successful payment page

Integration Steps

You can follow the steps below to integrate Google Analytics into Zotlo:

  1. Open the settings page of your sales site in your Zotlo Panel and click on the Integrations tab.

  2. Select the Google Analytics integration from the listed integrations. On the screen that opens after you select the Google Analytics integration, there will be a field where you will need to enter the GA4 code.

  3. Copy the GA4 code you can obtain from your Google Analytics account.

  4. Paste this GA4 code into the relevant field in the Zotlo Dashboard and save.

Your sales site on Zotlo is now integrated with Google Analytics. With this integration, you can monitor your site's performance in detail and analyze visitor behavior.

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