Configuring Site Content

Learn about the content of sales sites

One of the necessary steps to make your sales site live is to determine the site content. For this process, you need to go to the settings page and click on the "Site Content" tab.

You can update the following fields in this tab:

  • Default Flow: This is the flow that you have designed for your sales site and that your visitors will see when they enter the site. In this field, only the flows that are ready for sale are listed.

  • Supported Languages: Contains the list of languages added to the flow for use on the site. No additions can be made in this field, but the languages previously added to the flow can be removed.

  • Primary Language: The primary language specifies in which language the site will open if the user's browser language is not among the languages supported in the flow. This language must be picked from the languages supported in the flow.

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