Site Statistics

Learn about the statistics of sales sites

In Zotlo, you can use the "Statistics" tab to analyze the performance of your sites. This section contains information only for sites that are live or have gone live at least once. To access the "Statistics" page, simply click on the "Statistics" option in the menu of the relevant site in the "Sites" section.

Statistical data is presented in three different categories: "site", "flow" and "quiz"..

Sales Site Statistics

The sales site statistics tab allows you to analyze your site's performance in detail. In this tab, you can view the number of site visits, number of purchases and conversion rate, revenue, country-based visit and purchase statistics, and flow-based visitor data. This data is an important resource for understanding your business' online sales performance and optimizing your strategies accordingly.

Flow Statistics

The flow Statistics tab gives you a comprehensive view of all the flows used on your site. In this section, you can access detailed information such as the view rates of the pages in the flow, packages purchased, visit and purchase data broken down by country, and users' language and device preferences. This data is an important resource for evaluating the effectiveness of the flows on your site and improving the user experience.

Quiz Statistics

The quiz statistics tab provides access to detailed information about the quizs in your flow. If you have added a quiz to your flow, this page provides a detailed view of the quiz's views, completion and abandonment data. This data is an important resource for evaluating the effectiveness of your quizs and understanding how users interact with them.

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