Sales Site Builder

Easily build impressive, secure and fully-featured sales sites

Utilizing Zotlo's feature rich website builder, designed specifically for creating sales sites, you can effortlessly generate websites without any coding knowledge and begin selling your digital products within minutes. Zotlo provides a range of design choices and payment options to enhance your online selling experience.

Customizable for your business

You have the flexibility to design a customer journey by choosing the pages to incorporate into your website. Whether it's a welcoming page, an onboarding quiz, or a product selection page, the decision is yours.

Zotlo gives an editor everyone can use. For each page, you can effortlessly edit the content and customize the themes to reflect your brand, which allows you to create a unique and customized representation of your business.

Use your own domain

You customize your website by using your own domain name, and you can seamlessly integrate into your current website if desired.

Mobile- ready

Page designs are crafted to be responsive, ensuring a visually appealing experience for your customers regardless of the device they use to access your website.

Multi-language support

You have the ability to build your website with multilingual support. Zotlo dynamically presents your site in accordance with language preferences of your customers.

Support local currencies and payment methods

Zotlo supports local currencies and seamlessly manages the display of different pricing and local payment options for your international customers.

Fast and accessible

Zotlo websites are optimized for speed and accessibility, effortlessly handling high traffic while delivering a seamless and flawless sales experience.

Seamless integrations to 3rd party platforms

Zotlo seamlessly connect your website data to analytics and ad platforms (CAPI and pixel tracking) for analyzing customer journey and optimizing your campaigns.

Instant traffic statistics

You can instantly monitor your website traffic, page transitions and quiz funnel on Zotlo dashboard. You can detect potential pain points and take corrective actions immediately.

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